Exploring the Depths

Posted by Pilisa on Jul 9th 2019


The surface of the world – the surface of its objects, landscapes, peoples, and ideas – is readily presented to us in our daily lives. In many ways the surface is often what we interact with. But with everything there is always more to discover, and it is often the aim of art to dig past the surface and explore the deeper aspects of our world. For those artists that do, it is a challenging but rewarding experience.


Mixed media painter Michael Colpitts has great concern for going past the surface in his abstract works. “I don’t want my pieces to feel flat,” he says, “and so I’m always trying to figure out a way to add depth. I want people to be able to go behind the shapes and textures – to really feel like they’re going inside the painting.” He does this through a masterful blending of color, composition, and found textiles to add both literal and metaphorical layers to his work.

Michael Colpitts – Aqueous

Jenny Floravita also explores various types of depth in her meticulously hand-painted chandeliers. In some cases, this involves expressing the deeper parts of nature, such as in her aquatic-themed pieces that capture the feeling of being submerged in a tropical ocean. In another way, she creates a sense of depth through a grand use of her medium. Placed above the viewer and illuminated from within, her chandeliers provide an expansive quality that draws one into scenes much bigger than the glass they are painted on.


Be sure to see the stunning work of Michael, Jenny, and all our represented artists at the opening reception of “Exploring the Depths” Friday, March 1st, from 5-8pm at Kuivato, a Creative Gateways Gallery in the Tlaquepaque Arts Center. As a special treat, Jenny Floravita will be at the gallery in person to answer questions and talk about her art and process!