Encinitas, California

Deanne grew up in Phoenix and earned her BFA degree in painting and drawing from Arizona State University, which began a career in architectural stained glass in 1973. This passion for glass grew and lead her to be one of the first artists to open a gallery in Tlaquepaque in awe-inspiring Sedona, AZ. Continuing her studies at learning centers such as the Pilchuck Glass School, she created many large-scale architectural glass installations in Phoenix and Sedona before relocating to Encinitas, CA in 1990.

Sabeck found the light reflections from stained glass windows more fascinating than the windows themselves, and was captivated by the possibilities when she began working with dichroic glass. She describes her work, of which she has personally developed the concepts and processes, as “ephemeral, mysterious, and always changing, with a life of its own.” She hopes that viewers feel a sense of awe and question the idea of a fixed reality versus perceptions.

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