San Francisco, California

Demetra is primarily a self-taught lampworker, building upon foundation skills from other artists and experimentation to develop her techniques. Her work is widely collected and is exhibited internationally. She has received numerous awards, including the 2014 NICHE
Award for the Best in Lamp-worked Glass.

Driven by the emotion of color and the human experience, Demetra creates delicate nests, flowers, branches, and leaves that depict the cycle of life: growth, discovery, change, and renewal. Her painterly process creates an essence of realism in her work. A delicate, small birds nest, is woven from borosilicate glass in a process called torch or lampworking. After each piece is created, it is sandblasted to remove the shine and create a realistic surface on the nest. Each small egg is individually sculpted, while layering it with glass powders to create an organic feel. The eggs are not affixed to the next, but rather can be removed and arranged however the owner desires.

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